Legislative Impact

Arizona’s 90 elected state legislators serve constituents in our state’s 30 legislative districts. Each district has two representatives who serve in the House and one who serves in the Senate. The links below for each legislative district provide a two-page snapshot of the district and a record of legislators’ support or lack of support for public education in Arizona.

This information is intended to be factual, non-partisan and a key resource for voters who want to take into account education issues when casting their ballots.

Download the voting records for 2018

Champions of Public Education
Learn how your legislators measure up on supporting a strong K-12 education system, and decide whether they have earned your vote in 2018.

Here is a list of how your local legislators supported district public education for both years of their term.

Download the voting records for 2017

SB1431 Empowerment Scholarship Account Expansion
Senate Bill 1431 was passed by the Legislature to expand ESAs beginning in 2017-18. Since the program was introduced in 2011, Arizona has spent $99.7 million funding ESAs. This is a a massive blow to our K-12 public schools.

Here is a list of how your local legislators voted on SB1431.

Download the voting records for 2016.

Download the voting records for 2015.

What legislative district am I in?

Legislative District Snapshots Relative to Education
The first page for each legislative district includes data about the LD itself, including:

  • The number of school districts located in the legislative district and the student enrollment in each.
  • The names and party affiliation of elected representatives.
  • The partisan split of registered voters in the district.
  • Data on voter turnout in 2012.
  • Details of the race/ethnicity of the district’s total population.
  • Details of the race/ethnicity of the district’s under age 18 population.
  • The number of children in the legislative district, how many are enrolled in school, the percentage who attend public school, what percent of the total population children comprise, the percentage of households with at least one child, and the percentage of children living in poverty.

Legislators’ Voting Records on Key K-12 Issues
The second page includes a record of how legislators representing that district voted on significant K-12 education bills that came before them in the last legislative session, which adjourned sine die on Thursday, April 24, at 1:46 a.m. after a 101-day session.

Areas of Analysis: Vouchers, Standards, Funding and Local Control
In compiling these voting records, the Friends of ASBA considered 12 policy bills affecting K-12 public education introduced this session and identified by Governmental Relations staff of the Arizona School Boards Association. Click the link below for a summary of these bills. The summary is also included with the district-by-district information below.

Summary of key K-12 bills (2014) included in the voting records

View/download the complete 2015 voting records publication