About Us

More than 1 million school-age children attend Arizona public schools. Poll after poll identifies education as a high-priority issue for Arizonans. Business leaders name education as one of the foremost drivers of Arizona’s future economy. With this level of impact and civic and economic importance, informed public discussion that leads to greater understanding and support for Arizona’s public schools is essential.

The Friends of the Arizona School Boards Association is a private, nonprofit organization committed to filling the need for trusted information on state-level K-12 education issues. We are dedicated to providing access to information and resources on high-priority, high-impact policy issues related to education and the success of public school students in Arizona. Key areas of focus are:

  • Academic standards and student achievement
  • Early learning, which encompasses pre-kindergarten through third grade
  • K-12 funding
  • Equity
  • Community support for schools, which includes school board elections and bond and override measures

We also provide information by legislative district on support for and opposition to state-level legislation that impacts K-12 education in Arizona.

Board Membership 

The Friends of ASBA Board of Directors is made up of current and former school board members from across the state. The current president and past president of ASBA each hold a seat on the Friends board. The Board uses ASBA’s political agenda, which is written and approved by the entire membership each fall, to guide staff in making financial and political decisions to support our mission. 

2020-2021 Friends of ASBA Board of Directors 

  • Curtis Arnett, Treasurer 
  • Bruce Burke 
  • Steven Chapman 
  • Lillian Hritz 
  • Mike Hughes 
  • Linda Lyon, Chair 
  • Dee Navarro 
  • Suzanne Schweiger Nitchals 
  • Rae Waters 

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We are proud to be a sister organization of the Arizona School Boards Association.