Arizona 48th in Funding

Arizona’s spending per student ranks 48th in the nation at $8,599  per student in fiscal year 2013, a drop from 47th place in 2012. The national average is $12,380 per student. Only Idaho and Utah spend less than Arizona, according to the “U.S. Census Bureau Public Education Finances Report: 2013.” In funding from state sources alone, Arizona ranks lowest in the nation. Read more

View the US Census Bureau report

Minority Progress Report

The report provides a current ‘snapshot’ of the educational achievement of minority students in Arizona, from pre-k through postsecondary education. In addition, trend analyses of key educational indicators are also provided to give readers a sense of how the status of minority education in Arizona has changed over time.

Education’s Economic Impact

The more than 18,000 Arizona students who dropped out of high school in 2014 will produce $7.6 billion less economic activity over their lifetimes than if those same students had graduated, according to a new report by the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable. – See more at: