Legislative Impact

Arizona’s 90 elected state legislators serve constituents in our state’s 30 legislative districts. Each district has two representatives who serve in the House and one who serves in the Senate. The links below for each legislative district provide a two-page snapshot of the district and a record of legislators’ support or lack of support for public education in Arizona. 

This information is intended to be factual, non-partisan and a key resource for voters who want to elect candidates that support public education. 

Friends of ASBA Voting Records 

The first page for each legislative district includes data about the LD itself, including: 

  • The name and student enrollment of each school district located in the LD 
  • The names and party affiliation of elected representatives 
  • The partisan split of registered voters in the district 
  • Voter turnout in the most recent election 
  • Data on the race/ethnicity of the district, the percentage of children attending public school, and percentage of children living in poverty 

The second page includes a record of how legislators representing that district voted on significant K-12 education bills that came before them in the last legislative session. Friends of ASBA staff selects bills based on the most pressing issues of that year that coincide with our political agenda.  

At the bottom of each legislator, we have assigned a thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs sideways for their overall performance. Legislators who earn a thumbs up throughout their entire term earn a “Champion of Public Education” trophy. These rankings contemplate not only voting history, but also how helpful a legislator was (or not) to ASBA behind the scenes: meeting with our members, helping to amend or kill problematic bills, etc. 

Download the voting records for 2021

Download the voting records for 2020

Download the voting records for 2019

Download the voting records for 2018